Where the Power of the Veterans Movement has roots producing fruit that is empowering veterans and dependents to have a better quality of life through volunteerism and service.  Come, join with us, and let's make a difference.

The Incarcerated Veteran


The Incarcerated Veterans Support Program merged with the Omega Holiness Church's Re-entry and Ex-Offender Ministry which meets every Second Sunday, at 621 Memorial Dr., SE, Atlanta, GA 30312, from 11 am until 2 pm. This meeting is open to the public and applications for assistance are received and posted there.

Our purpose  is to provide support while the servicemember is incarcerated via family or friends. Our desire is to equip them with provisions for a successful transition back into the community.


Contact us at :

Omega Holiness Church, 621 Memorial Dr., SE, Atlanta, GA 30312