Where the Power of the Veterans Movement has roots producing fruit that is empowering veterans and dependents to have a better quality of life through volunteerism and service.  Come, join with us, and let's make a difference.



The Sons of Atlanta Vietnam War Memorial Project: www.sonsofatlanta.org;

The VVA Claims Clinic, a virtual meeting on every first Monday Evening, from 6pm until 7pm, by invitation only. Email, vvachapter1118@hotmail.com, to request invitation;

Veterans Talk, It Ain't Nothing But A Thang, on Facebook Live every Saturday, from 3pm until 4pm:www.facebook.com/eldson mcghee;

The Veterans Families Support Services Unit  now functions as a centeralized point of contact and management for:

          1) Incarcerated support program,

          2) Homelessness Overcooming Network,

          3) Feeding & Food Daily Support Network,

          4) Clothings & Housing  Support Network, and,

          5)  Community Partnering Networks.

"Never Again Will One Generation of Veterans Abandon Another," and Veterans Will Always be in Service for these United States of America...